Avicena unveils second generation Sentinel

Avicena Systems recently hosted a launch party at our headquarters with key stakeholders and supporters.

Many thanks to the Hon. Don Punch, Minister for ICT and Innovation for his inspirational words of encouragement and for unveiling the latest Avicena Sentinel with Paul Ostergaard, the co-founder of Avicena and key inventor of the Sentinel.

The newest version of the Sentinel ULTRA offers a streamlined ultra-high throughput and rapid instrument for COVID screening.

We also showcased our new compact and portable Sentinel instrument which can screen up to 400 samples an hour compared to the Sentinel ULTRA which screens up to 3,840 samples an hour.

Special thanks to attendees Peter Klinken, Chief Scientist of WA for his Noongar language acknowledgment of country address, Senator Ben Small for his ongoing support, and representatives from our research partners, the Perron Institute.