Cutting-Edge Biosecurity Platforms
to Protect Human & Animal Health

Tests per day of peak surge capability
Accuracy for identifying infectious individuals with RT-LAMP
40 Minutes
Turnaround time, including sample collection

Next-Generation Molecular Diagnostics

The Avicena Sentinel is the world’s most scalable rapid molecular diagnostics platform.

Designed as an end-to-end biosecurity preparedness solution, the Sentinel ULTRA offers a unique surge capability and can be loaded with samples flexibly and on demand. 

The compact Sentinel Mini is well-suited for remote locations requiring mobility and modest throughput.

With accuracy comparable to PCR, the Avicena Sentinel outperforms in speed and affordability while preserving the capability to screen for multiple pathogens simultaneously.


Stay informed on the latest updates and efforts to control the global spread of avian influenza, a critical threat to health and food security.

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Intended Use

The Avicena Sentinel instrument is intended for trained laboratory professionals to run isothermal amplification assays. Diagnostic use of the Sentinel requires IVD reagents and laboratory workflows which have been authorised by relevant regulatory agencies in each jurisdiction and by Avicena Systems as compatible with the instrument.