Pandemic-scale COVID-19 Screening

Avicena is an award-winning Australian medical technology company with a ground-breaking, rapid, pandemic-scale screening instrument to facilitate detection of COVID-19 and other pathogens.

Using simple saliva samples, the Sentinel instrument can process more than 90,000 samples daily with data available in under 45 minutes.

Major near-term applications include large-scale sentinel testing of entire suburbs, regions, and cities; high-density environments such as airports and cruise ships; and crowded places such as factory complexes, major public cultural and sporting events, and religious festivals.

A revolutionary molecular assay instrument designed to deliver


Samples per day per instrument


Samples per hour per instrument


Average turnaround time

Research Use Only

The Avicena Sentinel instrument is intended to run in any isothermal amplification method that employs fluorescence or colorimetric detection. It is intended for in vitro use only. It is not intended for any clinical or diagnostic use.