Pandemic-scale COVID-19 Testing

Avicena is an award-winning Australian medical technology company with a ground-breaking, rapid, pandemic-scale screening system for detecting COVID-19 and other pathogens.

Using simple saliva samples, Sentinel is capable of testing more than 90,000 people daily, delivering highly accurate results in under 45 minutes.

Major near-term applications include large-scale sentinel testing of entire suburbs, regions, and cities; high-density environments such as airports and cruise ships; and crowded places such as factory complexes, major public cultural and sporting events, and religious festivals.

COVID-19 Screening for Airports

An end-to-end screening system that ensures the health of airport visitors and enables a simpler travel experience for the COVID-era.

A revolutionary molecular assay platform designed to deliver


Peak RT-LAMP results per day per machine


Peak tests per hour per machine


Average turnaround time