Avicena Sentinel

Rapid. High-throughput COVID-19 Screening.

Avicena has developed a revolutionary molecular assay instrument to screen capable of undertaking 3,840 isothermal assays per hour (peak throughput) per instrument in real-life conditions with 35 minutes total processing time per assay.

Our instrument is based on a flexible design that enables us to adapt the workflow easily to support screening for other pathogens such as dengue, hepatitis B, malaria, and influenza.

Future uses of the instrument may include:

  • Large-scale sentinel screening of entire suburbs, cities and towns
  • High-traffic environments, such as airports, departures and arrivals
  • Crowded places, such as schools, sporting stadia, festivals, shopping malls and ships

A scaled-down instrument is planned to support smaller locations and distributed applications.

A revolutionary molecular assay instrument designed to deliver


Samples per day per instrument


Average turnaround time

Up to 10x

Faster than PCR

Research Use Only

The Avicena Sentinel instrument is intended to run in any isothermal amplification method that employs fluorescence or colorimetric detection. It is intended for in vitro use only. It is not intended for any clinical or diagnostic use.

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